Mick Bailey

Mick Bailey Mick Bailey is Professor of Comparative Immunology at Bristol University School of Veterinary Science. He has more than 30 years experience of research in livestock agriculture. His previous research has focused on the influence of environment and husbandry on the development of the mucosal immune system in young piglets. Recently, his group have been working on interactions between intestinal microbiota, mucosal immunity and host metabolism in young animals. He will contribute to the experimental design and data integration necessary for the project.

Mick graduated from Bristol Veterinary School in 1979 and immediately started his research career. In1984, he was awarded a PhD in immunity to parasitic disease from Cambridge. At this point, he spent one year in practise before returning to research as a postdoctoral researcher back at Bristol. In 2000 he was appointed to a lectureship, in 2003 to a readership and in 2005 to a chair.